Millennials, technology, and the future of expense management.

Group of young people using laptop.

Group of young people using laptop.

As millennials continue to flood each and every market, we must ask the unpopular question: are they actually the answer to our problems?

Probably not the unpopular question you were expecting. Millennials have become an easy punchline. From their disdain for the corporate ladder, to their obsession with technology. But the fact is that by 2020, we can expect to have 50% of job titles filled by a person under the age of 32. That’s a LOT of millennial power in the workforce.

So what happens when half of the employee count is personally invested in making processes better and faster? Well, at first it means there’s going to be a period of adjustment. When it comes to business travel, studies show that this generation prefers autonomy and speed over process, and is much more comfortable planning their travel itineraries on their own. That’s a real headache for the office administrator that has to chase down all the rogue planners. But let’s imagine a world where millennials set the standard and the rest of us follow their lead. What does that look like?

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Packing hacks for business travellers

o-STRESS-FREE-TRAVEL-TIPS-facebookPacking for a business trip should be a clear-cut formula. Account for the weather, pack as many shirts as days you’ll be there, plus 1-2 formal shirts, and half the amount of pants. One pair of shoes, buy underpants at the airport, plus one book that you won’t have any time to read. Read More

Managing your expenses in time for tax season.

Tax season can sound sinister and imposing. Like the tax man is going to barge into your office and demand an itemized list of every expense you’ve claimed, and then ask for a ten-point justification per charge.

Thankfully, our users know that with Trippeo’s smooth tracking system, they can account for every expense. In this blog post, we’re going to go over some strategies that you can implement right into your Trippeo policies section. These strategies help you better understand the operational techniques that will save you time, stress, and money during tax season.

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Mixing Business and Personal…Or Not

Trippeo has worked hard to make your expense management clear. But when you mix company money with your personal expenses, even the best design can get muddled. What’s why we here at Trippeo have built a little feature that lets you determine whether your individual cards are for Business or Personal. What does it mean? Any charge rendered on a Business card won’t be able to be deleted from the Trippeo account. Charges rendered on your personal card are yours, and can be updated or deleted according to your preference. Here’s how it works:
Your admin will determine whether Personal cards are allowed on your company Trippeo account. If they are, great and read on! If not, all transactions will have incurred from a company credit card, and typically won’t be able to be deleted from the Trippeo interface.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.31.51 PM

If you are able to add Personal cards to your Trippeo account, you’ll be asked to determine whether the [card you are adding] is a Personal or Company card. Once your personal card is synced with your account, any transactions you make will be loaded into the Expenses section of Trippeo. So if you’ve made a purchase that you can expense on your personal card, no problem: it’s there waiting for you. Or maybe you just want to keep track of your monthly grocery bill. That’s what our Marketing Manager does: one report for office supplies and client coffees, and another that she shares with her partner to hash out their cheese budget. Not too shabby.

Want some better seperation between your own business and personal… credit cards? Trippeo can help. Our automated expense management system helps businesses keep their money straight and their employees happy.

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Survive and Thrive: Your Guide for Staying Sane at the Airport

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.59.18 AM

Your flight to a business meeting is typically a lot more energetic than your flight home. You’re amped to give your pitch, see your clients, and check out a new city. You’ve planned your schedule down to the very last lunch meeting. And on the way home, you’re exhausted, grumpy, and desperate for rest.


And airports. Airports are like portals that exacerbate stress. Oh, are you tired? Cue one-thousand shrieking children on-route to Disneyland, swirling around your knees like a burst dam. Are you late? THAT SUCKS, the security line up will be huge. Do you get sick on planes the second you have had less than 8 hours of sleep in a night? Your seatmate has bronchitis and a penchant for spitting when he talks to you. Which he does. A lot.


Of course, there’s no real way to avoid this. We’re not able to offer you a sensory-deprivation box that comes with a built-in Nexus for your time in the airport. What we can offer you are a few tips. Tips that seem so obvious you might not take right away. But trust us. Combined, we have taken over 100 flights in the last 9 months. We are veterans of the airport space, commanders of it. But it really does take the iron fist in a velvet glove. Which is to say, you must go forward with a strict timeline and list of goals, but an irreverent and calm demeanor.

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A Workplace Travel Policy: A Helpful Guide

1-JpL60BBySklDeSIEQU2DPAYour administrative team puts a lot of work into creating a travel policy. And when your employees go outside the designated booking channels, they create more work for themselves, and undercut the time your admin teams spends trying to make a streamlined solution for the company.

Why do employees go outside the designated policies? Simple: the policies are buried in a company wiki, or has been long recycled along with all other on-boarding materials. Travel policies aren’t something that most employees have to contend with. As a result, they are terribly inaccessible. Throw that into a mix of a tight deadline, unbooked flights, and last-minute changes to a schedule… well, you can understand why an employee might throw policy into the wind in their booking-frenzy.

Lots of companies are approaching this as a problem of motivation. They assume that employees would be more conscientious of the company policy if it was something in it for them. A prize. Gamifying the company policy. But such prizes don’t really solve the issue at hand: a lack of time. When push comes to shove, an employee in a time crunch is going to go for the flight, not the prize points. Instead of rewarding employees for “good behavior,” why not create opportunities for employees to engage with policy in an automated, sensible way?

(Psst: Trippeo helps you automate your expense and travel management. Say what?! It’s true. Also true: you can try the platform for 30 days, free of charge. So if you don’t have time to read this article because you’re running to your gate, try Trippeo for free).

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It’s finally here: Trippeo Flights

There’s a reason every major deity is pictured in the sky. Soaring amongst the clouds is basically synonymous with being powerful, cool, and important. So it just makes sense that Trippeo has taken flight, and cast themselves out into the wild blue.

Poetry aside? We’ve launched Flights. Coach through business class, international and domestic, special discounts, company policy control: it’s all here, and it’s ready to make your business travel better. We know that when your team can book their flights on the same platform they manage their expenses on, money doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. And paid employees are happy ones.

The very best part? We’re keeping our pricing at $5 / user, per month. Yeah.

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